General Accessories

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Bicycle/Tricycle Carrying Case

Available for the Di Blasi Cycles and Tricycles

£75.60 inc VAT

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Moped Carrying Case (All Models)

Available for the Di Blasi Mopeds

£85.00 inc. VAT

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DiBlasi R70 Moped Rear Carrier Factory Fitted

Price: £98 inc. VAT

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DiBlasi R7E Moped Rear Carrier (Stainless Steel)

Part ref. 2361

Price: £85 inc. VAT

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DiBlasi Bicycle/Tricycle Shopping Bag

Part ref. 3080

Price: £105.00 inc. VAT


Batteries and Chargers

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Spare/replacement battery DiBlasi R34

Part Code 4048

Price: £426.82 inc. VAT

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DiBlasi R34 Battery Charger

Part Code 4045

£104.63 inc. VAT


Accessories for Disabled Riders

We can supply accessories specially designed for our disabled clients. These include an orthopaedic saddle, a saddle incorporating an enveloping back-rest and foot-stop pedals. Please note these items are for special order.

Please contact us for pricing and availability. NOTE: possible to buy ex VAT

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Saddle with Integrated Backrest

Code 3290

£260.00 inc. VAT (fitted pre-delivery)

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DiBlasi Tricycle Folding Pedal with Footstop

Code 3050

£45 inc. VAT (fitted pre-delivery)


For spares, please supply details of the part you require then contact us here at ConceptEdge and we will order if for you. Most common requested parts are available from stock

You can check which part you need on the DiBLasi spares page. Click on the icon for the product category you want, then choose the model.

We also can source spare parts for discontinued models such as the R70 Folding Electric Scooter/Moped

Selection of spare parts