MOPED R7E2 (Painted) / R7ES (Stainless Steel)

DI BLASI's folding moped combines low weight (only 30 Kg) with safety and sturdiness. Equipped with a catalytic exhaust, it meets Type 2 approval according to Euro 2 European regulations.

Its compact size and foldability makes it ideal for use in conjunction with campervans, cars, boats, light aircrafts as well as for general leisure activities.

Painted Version - R7E2

Price inc. VAT: £2450.00 plus on the road charges (£75.00) and UK delivery (£60.00)

The standard version R7E.2 is fitted with a frame made of high tensile carbon steel and painted with polyester powders.

Stainless Steel Version - R7ES

Price inc. VAT: £2900.00 plus on the road charges (£75.00) and UK delivery (£60.00)

The version R7ES.2 is fitted with a frame and hardware made from stainless steel (AISI 304). The stainless steel version is perfectly suited to withstanding the corrosive atmosphere on the coast.

Colour Options Di Blasi Colour Range

COLOUR DISCLAIMER: The colours on this page are indicative only. They may not accurately represent the colours used in manufacture

Commercial Discount

Discounts maybe available for commercial use customers such as car delivery/collection businesses. Please ask for a quote.

Moped About Town

Di Blasi also make an electric version of their moped, the R70. For details click here.


Di Blasi make a range of accessories including carrying cases and a stainless steel rear rack- see here.

R7E2- Painted - Folded & Open Di Blasi r7E

R7ES - Stainless Steel - Folded & Open Di Blasi r70

R7E Stainless Steel - Great for Coastal Environments Di Blasi R7E Stainless Steel - Great for Coastal Environments

Product Specifications
Folding Electric Moped R7ESpecifications


49cc Two Stroke System

Fuel Tank Capacity

3 Litres


127 mpg

Maximum Speed

30 mph (approx.)

Dimensions - Open

Overall length 128 cm (50.3")
Wheel base 93.5 cm (36.8")
Width 57.5 cm (22.6")

Dimensions - Folded

Length 80.5 cm (31.7")
Width 33.5 cm (13.2")
Height 63 cm (24.8")


Moped weight - 29.8 kg (64.9lbs)
Maximum rider weight - 110kg


Spares: For spares, please note the reference of the part you require, then contact us here at Concept Edge and we will order it for you.