R34 Folding Electric Tricyle

Tricycle R34 (with Electrically Assisted Pedalling)

Price: £2292 exc. VAT (£2750.00 inc. VAT) plus delivery (£34.00) in the UK

Price includes: 1 x battery and 1 x charger

R34 spare battery £360.00 inc VAT

Available in the Cadet version for an extra £55.00

VAT Exemption:

If you are registered disabled or have a long term illlness you maybe able to purchase the R34 VAT free. Please contact us for details and a VAT Exemption Form.

DI BLASI's R34 Tricycle offers the same high levels of convenience and usability as the R32, but with added benefit of auxiliary electric motor making it perfect for those with reduced mobility or strength.

Electric Auxiliary Motor aids pedalling

The R34 uses the same frame as the R32 but differs by having an electric auxiliary motor which works to reduce pedalling effort when going uphill or against the wind, etc.

The use of the auxiliary motor is very simple: just turn on the motor using the switch located on the handlebar and pedal. Tthe motor is active only when pedals turn: the output of the motor comes through increasing the speed of pedals.

DI BLASI R34 tricycle is equipped with standard folding pedals, a 5-speed dérailleur, casters for pulling once folded, front and rear LED lights

The R34 tricycle is available in three sizes:

R34 Folding Tricycle Dimensions


Colour Options

Colour Range

COLOUR DISCLAIMER: The colours on this page are indicative only. They may not accurately represent the colours used in manufacture

Easy Folding

The folding operation is as simple as for the R32. The only additional time and effort is taken by removing the Li-Ion battery, but there is no need to use of tools, or screw or unscrew any parts. Equally, unfolding for use is the same as for the R32.

The film below illustrates just how it works:

See the other folding tricylce in the Di Blasi range, the R32 Tricycle

R34 Side View

conceptedge.co.uk Di Blasi R34 Open

R34 Versatile and Convenient

conceptedge.co.uk Di Blasi R32

R34 Battery Pack

conceptedge.co.uk Di Blasi R32

Product Specifications
Folding Tricycle R34Specification


Stainless steel spokes & light alloy rims.
Tyres 20"


Height adjustable from 84 cm to 98 cm from the ground

NB: The saddle height is fixed on the Cadet version

Standard Equipment

Folding pedals
Front and rear LED lights
Quick release seat levers
Rear carrier: Dimensions - 46 x 28.5 cm
Carrier's Max load : 10 kg

Dimensions - Open

Wheel base 95 cm
Track 70 cm

Dimensions - Folded

Length 64 cm
Width 28.5 cm
Height 62 cm


Tricycle weight: 30kg
Maximum rider weight capacity: 100kg

Electric Motor

Engine: 24V - 250 W
Li-Ion battery pack: 24V - 8,5 Ah ; weight 4,2 kg
Range on flat road: more than 24 km

Spares: For spares, please note the reference of the part you require, then contact us here at Concept Edge and we will order it for you.