R30 Automatically Folding Electric Tricycle

R30 Automatic Folding Mobility Scooter

£2500 ex. VAT. (£3000 inc. VAT)

VAT Exemption:

The R30 has been designed for people with disabilities. If you are registered disabled or have a long term illlness you maybe purchase the R30 VAT free. Please contact us for details and a VAT Exemption Form.

DI BLASI's new R30 Folding Mobility Scooter folds to the size of suitcase - automatically, at the touch of a button. At the press of another button the R30 unfolds and is immediately ready to run.

The R30 offers a comfortable seat and easy access; it is easy to drive: just turn it on by the main switch and control the speed by turning the twist grip.

Highly versatile

It is highly manoeuvrable with a turning radius of just 86 cm (33.9") and it can go in reverse. Its overall width is only 65 cm (25.6") so it can be driven in narrow areas and through most doorways;

The R30 can tackle a wide range of terrain. Unpaved roads are a breeze thanks to its large wheels (31 cm – 12.5" in diameter); it easily climbs up to 11% slope; and it has a range of up to 20 km (12.4 miles).

It folds down to 65 x 37 x 48(h) cm (25.6" x 14.6" x 18.9") which means it can be stored almost anywhere, from the boot of a car or a motor home, to a small corner at home.

The weight (including the battery) is 24,6 kg (54,2 lb); without battery (which can be removed or fitted in one second) the weight comes down to 21.8 kg (48 lb). The R30 uses a lithium battery which is very light and reliable, and thanks to electronic control of the charge and discharge cycle there is no need for any special care

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R30 Folded and Unfolded

conceptedge.co.uk Di Blasi R30 Open and Closed

R30 Rear View

conceptedge.co.uk Di Blasi R30 Rear View

Folding Sequence

conceptedge.co.uk Di Blasi R30 Folding Sequence

Product Specifications
Automatic Folding Tricycle R30 Specifications


Wheel track: 55 cm
Maximum width: 61.5 cm
Wheelbase: 77.5 cm

Length: 61.5 cm
Width: 38.5 cm
Height: 49.5 cm


Max Load : 100 kg (220 lbs)
Turning radius: 86 cm (33.8 in)
Max speed: 6km/h (4mph)
Range on flat road: 24 km (14.5 miles)
Maximum gradient: 6° (10.5%) approx.
Maximum obstacle height: 50 mm


Width: 47 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Height of the footrest: 47 cm
Ground clearance: 61 cm


Voltage: 24V
Nominal power: 200 W

Battery Pack

Type: LiFePO4
Voltage: 24V
Capacity: 9Ah
Charger: 2A
Weight: 2.9 kg (6.4 lb)

Other Equipment

An automatic mechanical brake
An electric brake manually operated
Parking brake


Diameter: 20cm (8”)
Tyres: 31cm (12½") x 5.7cm (2¼")


With battery: 26.5 kg (58.4 lb)
Without battery: 23.6 kg (52.0 lb)

Spares: For spares, please note the reference of the part you require, then contact us here at Concept Edge and we will order it for you.