Accessories: We stock a range of accessories designed to enhance your machine, and naturally they are built to the same high standard as the machines themselves.

General Accessories

Tricycle Carry Bag

Bicycle/Tricycle Carrying Case

Available for the Di Blasi Cycles and Tricycles

£65.00 inc VAT



Moped Carrying Bag

Moped Carrying Case (All Models)

Available for the Di Blasi Mopeds

£85.00 inc. VAT



Moped Rear Carrier

R7E Moped Rear Carrier - Stainless Steel

Price: £85 inc. VAT



Moped Rear Carrier

R70 Moped Rear Carrier - Factory Fitted

Price: £98 inc. VAT



Shopping Bag

Bicycle/Tricycle Shopping Bag

Price: £60.00 inc. VAT



R34 Spare Battery

Spare/replacement battery R34

Part Code 4048

Price: £360.00 inc. VAT



Battery Charger

Battery Charger

Part Code 4045

New lower price: £85.20 inc. VAT




Accessories for Disabled Riders

We can supply accessories specially designed for our disabled clients. These include an orthopaedic saddle, a saddle incorporating an enveloping back-rest and foot-stop pedals.

Please note these items are for special order. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Orthopaedic Saddle

Code 3246

£53.50 (fitted)
£84.00 (spare)

Enveloping Backrest

Saddle with Integrated Backrest

Code 3290

£160.00 (fitted)
£144.00 (spare)

Folding Pedal

Tricycle Folding Pedal with Footstop

Code 3050

£36.80 (fitted pre-delivery)
£80.00 (spare)

Spares: For spares, please note the reference of the part you require, then contact us here at Concept Edge and we will order it for you.